Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Call for Papers: "Authority and the Book in Medieval Culture"

>The 26th Annual New England Medieval Studies
>Consortium Graduate Student Conference
>Yale University
>April 4, 2009.
>Theme: "Authority and the Book in Medieval Culture."
>Abstracts from graduate students are now being
>accepted for the 26th Annual New England
>Medieval Studies Consortium Graduate Student
>Conference, the theme of which will be "Authority and
>the Book in Medieval Culture."
>The organizers hope that this broad heading will
>elicit proposals for papers from all disciplines of
>Medieval Studies.
>Of especial interest are papers dealing with
>palaeography and manuscript studies; hagiography;
>literary studies; art history; history and
>historiography; gender studies; religious studies;
>musicology and medieval liturgical studies; as well as
>biblical exegesis and the relationship between Latin
>and various medieval vernaculars. Further, we look
>forward to receiving proposals that take more
>theoretical approaches to ideas of authority in the
>medieval period. We also hope to have one panel
>devoted to papers that explore different aspect of the
>history of modern Medieval Studies.
>Papers are to be no more than twenty minutes in length
>and read in English. Abstracts of no more than 250
>words should be sent by e-mail to
>Andrew.Kraebel@Yale.edu or
>A hardcopy may be mailed to:
>Andrew Kraebel
>Department of English
>Yale University
>P.O. Box 208302
>New Haven, CT 06520-8302
>The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2008.
>Graduate students whose abstracts are selected for the
>conference will have the opportunity to submit their
>paper in its entirety for consideration for the Alison
>Goddard Elliott Award.
>The conference will also feature a plenary speaker, to
>be announced at a later date.