Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valmadonna Trust Library on exhibit in New York

David Wachtel writes:
The Valmadonna Trust is the finest private library of Hebrew books and manuscripts in the world. Now for the first time, the entire library of the Valmadonna Trust - some 13,000 printed books and manuscripts - will be on public exhibition,The exhibition will only be up through Feb 18. weekdays 10-5; closed on Saturday; and Sunday 1-5. More info is available at the following links.

AP article on Valmadonna Trust Library exhibit

16 page Sotheby's brochure on the Valmadonna Trust Library

Sotheby's Press Release on Valmadonna exhibit

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New journal issues

Inaugural issue of Quntres:

A new issue of Alei Sefer:

At the roundtable/lunch discussion we had at AJS in December 2007, David Stern lamented the lack of journals devoted to the history of the Jewish book. The return of Alei Sefer and the emergence of Quntres are welcome developments.

Lecture at Harvard March 5: "Google and the 'Jewish' Question"

from Ann Blair's listserv that announces book history events in Boston and New England:

Thursday, 5 March, 4-6pm: Geoffrey Nunberg (School of Information,
Berkeley), 'Google and the "Jewish" Question: Conceiving the Space of
Discourse' Barker Ctr 133, Harvard. Sponsored by the History of the Book
Seminar of the Harvard Humanities Center.

for more information on the listserv, write to