Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hebrew Printing in Ukraine

The exhibit "Hebrew Printing in Ukraine" from the Kiev collection at George Washington University is now online.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Call for Papers: Conference at University of Manchester, 21 January 2010

The History of the Book: Culture, Community, Criticism

Chetham’s Library and the University of Manchester are pleased to
announce their third one-day interdisciplinary history of the book and
material culture conference at Chetham's Library, Manchester, taking
place Thursday 21st January 2010.

Call for Papers

We invite 20-minute papers from postgraduate students of any discipline
who are interested in book history and material culture. Our aim this
year is to encourage the combining of methodologies developed in book
history in the last thirty years with those of other currents in
twentieth-century cultural theory, literary criticism and the study of
community. While all abstracts relating to book history and material
culture will be considered, we particularly welcome papers that engage
any of the following areas:

- The use book history can make of other twentieth-century cultural and
literary theory; what might book history perspectives have to say about
the writing and dissemination of these intellectual trends?
- The tension between practices of ‘form and content’ reading and book
history’s interest in paratextual apparatuses, editorial processes and
- The relationship between the texts and materials we study and the
communities that produce them; study of the evidence of how communities
inscribe themselves into texts as in the study of second hand books, or
communal responses to texts as in fan fiction.
- The national or cross-cultural transmission of texts, the function of
technology in this transmission and the production of international

Guest Speakers

We are very pleased to announce that Joad Raymond (University of East
Anglia) and Isabel Rivers (Queen Mary, University of London) have
agreed to present guest papers at our event. Professor Raymond will be
discussing Milton and the pan-European circulation of newsbooks in the
seventeenth century, and Professor Rivers will present her current
research on the culture of religious publishing in the eighteenth

It's free! And so is lunch!

Thanks to the support of the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures
SAGE Postgraduate Training Programme, there will be no charge for the
conference or for the conference lunch.


Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be sent to by Friday 20th November 2009.

To register to attend please contact the same with details of your


Thurs Oct 29: Women and the Yiddish Press: Panel in NYC

*The Jewish Feminist Research Group presents:*

"Addressing the Ladies": *
*A Panel on Women and the Yiddish Press*

Thursday, October 29, 2009 5:00-6:30 PM

*Dr. Rachel Rojanski* Associate Professor of Modern Jewish History,
University of Haifa, Fellow Katz CAJS, UPENN "Yiddish Journals for Women
in Israel:Immigrant Press and Gender Construction (1948-1952)"

*Shelby Shapiro* Ph.D. in American Studies, University of Maryland "A
Woman's Place: The Women's Sections in Three Yiddish Mass Circulation
Daily Papers, 1914-1925."
*Dr. Rebecca Kobrin* Assistant Professor of Jewish History, Columbia
University The event will be held in the Berman Board Room at the Jewish
Theological Seminary, 3080 Broadway, NYC (@ 122nd St).

Light refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP to and
receive a copy of the paper to be discussed.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Postgraduate conference sponsored by Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes and the Société des Etudes Juives :
(‘Ongoing research on Hebrew manuscripts at EPHE: present and future’)

Salle Vasari, Galerie Colbert, 2 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris (France)
Monday, 16 November 2009

All papers will be given and discussions will be conducted in French.
Further details:

9h00-9h15 Opening remarks: Judith Olszowy-Schlanger (EPHE)

First session “Palaeography and Codicology”; chairperson: Jesús de Prado Plumed (EPHE, Universidad Complutense)

9h15-9h45 Élodie Attia (EPHE), “Les types et genres d’écriture en Italie au XVIe siècle” (‘Types of Hebrew script in sixteenth-century Italy’)
9h45-10h15 Éliane Roos Schuhl (EPHE), “Pérégrinations d'une ligature : le alef-lamed en amont et en aval d'un manuscrit alsacien du XVIIIe siècle” (‘Pilgrimage of a ligature: alef-mem upstairs, downstairs in an eighteenth-century Alsation manuscript’)
10h15-10h45 Justine Isserles (EPHE, Université de Genève): “Description et mise en contexte du manuscrit hébreu de rite français MS Parm. 1902 (Bibl. Palatina, Parme) suivi de l'étude d'une recette de Harosset en judéo-français” (‘Description and context of French rite Hebrew manuscript : MS. Parm. 1902 (Bibl. Palatina, Parma) followed by a study of a Harosset recipe in Judaeo-French’)

10h45-11h00 Break

Second session: “Text and context”; chairperson : Élodie Attia (EPHE)

11h00-11h30 Emma Abate (EPHE, Università della Sapienza), “Pages manquantes : une étude sur les fragments magiques de la Guéniza conservés dans la bibliothèque de l’Alliance Israélites Universelle” (‘Missing pages: A study on Genizah magic fragments hold by Alliance Israélite Universelle’s Library, Paris’)
11h30-12h00 Ilana Wartenberg (University College London): “Iggeret ha-Mispar par Isaac ben Salomon Ibn al-Ahdab (Sicile, XIVème siècle)” (‘Iggeret ha-Mispar by Isaac ben Salomon Ibn Al-Ahdab (Sicily, 14th century)’)
12h00-12h30 Silvia Di Donato (CHSPAM, CNRS): “Le nouveau catalogue des manuscrits hébreux de la BnF. Les commentaires bibliques, premier volume” (‘The new catalogue of Hebrew manuscripts at the National Library of France. Biblical commentaries, first volume’)

12h30-14h00 LUNCH BREAK

Third session: “Fates of manuscripts”; chairperson : Silvia Di Donato (CHSPAM, CNRS)

14h00-14h30 Luca Baraldi (INALCO, Fondazione San Carlo) : “Cum bonis et familiis tuti et securi ? : lumière et ombre sur les écritures hébraïques de la Maison d’Este” (‘Cum bonis et families tuti et securi?: light and shadow on Hebrew scripts of the House of Este’)
14h30-15h00 Jesús de Prado Plumed (EPHE, Universidad Complutense): “Qu’est-ce qu’un livre juif ? À propos de quelques paradoxes tirées de l’œuvre manuscrite d’Alfonso de Zamora (fl. 1512-1545)” (‘What is a Jewish book? On some paradoxes drawn from the manuscript corpus of Alfonso de Zamora (fl. 1512-1545)’)

Fourth session (I) : « Teamwork and tools”; chairperson: Éliane Roos Schuhl (EPHE)

15h15-15h45 Wissem Gueddich (EPHE): “Les travaux menés en 2008 sur les fragments en écriture hébraïque de Figuig (Maroc)” (‘Fieldwork on Hebrew-script fragments in Figuig (Morocco) conducted in 2008’)
15h45-16h15 Judith Kogel (EPHE): “Fragments hébreux dans les bibliothèques de France – Nord-Est” (‘Hebrew fragments in French libraries: Northwest of France’)

16h15-16h30 Break

Fourth session (II) : “Teamwork and tools”; chairperson: Ilana Wartenberg (University College London)

16h30-17h00 Élodie Attia (EPHE), Justine Isserles (EPHE, Université de Genève) : “Fragments hébreux dans les bibliothèques de France – Sud- Est et Suisse “ (‘Hebrew fragments in French libraries: Southwest and Switzerland’)
17h00-17h30 Rodolphe Kay (Projet ‘Fragments hébreux’), “Le site web du projet ‘Fragments hébreux dans les bibliothèques de France” (‘A website for the Project ‘Hebrew fragments in French libraries’)

Fifth session: “Book, script and detail”; chairperson: Judith Olszowy-Schlanger (EPHE)

17h30-18h00 Geoffrey Khan (University of Cambridge): “La tradition tibérienne de lecture de l'hébreu et les manuscrits médiévaux avec des signes vocaliques tibériens” (‘The Tiberian Hebrew reading tradition and Medieval manuscripts with Tiberian vowel signs’)
18h00-19h00 Colette Sirat (IRHT, EPHE): “Panorama des monuments graphiques en caractères hébreux du Moyen Âge” (‘An overview of Medieval written landmarks in Hebrew script’)
19h00-19h30 Élodie Attia (EPHE), Jesús de Prado Plumed (EPHE, Universidad Complutense): “Conclusions et perspectives” (‘Conclusions and perspectives’)

19h30-19h45 Judith Olszowy-Schlanger (EPHE), closing remarks

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quntres: Call for Papers

The libraries of The Jewish Theological Seminary are seeking submissions
for the annual issue of Quntres: An Online Journal for the History,
Culture and Art of the Jewish Book, which will be published in 2010. For
information about the journal, including directions for submissions,
please see You may also
direct inquiries to one of the editors, Prof. David Kraemer
( or Prof. Shmuel Glick