Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Website: Teaching á la Modiya

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> We are pleased to announce:
> Teaching á la Modiya: Jews, Media, Religion
> http://modiya.nyu.edu/handle/1964/917
> “Teaching à la Modiya” offers strategies and multi-media primary sources for
> teaching selected readings related to cultural practices at the intersection
> of Jews, media, and religion. Each installment brings students into direct
> contact with the primary sources upon which a given reading is based.
> Inspired by Teaching the Journal of American History, each installment
> includes a reading, commentary by the author, and exercises using primary
> sources (artifacts, photographs, film clips, audio, excerpts from a variety
> of texts), as well as recommended readings and links to relevant materials
> accessible online.
> The first installment is dedicated to "Absolut Tchotchke," Chapter 5 of
> Jeffrey Shandler's, Adventures in Yiddishland: Postvernacular Language and
> Culture (University of California Press, 2005).
> http://modiya.nyu.edu/handle/1964/918
> This chapter explores how American Jews express their postvernacular
> relationship to Yiddish through objects.
> The Absolut Tchotchke installment includes the complete chapter, discussion
> questions, recommended readings, and four exercises, together with primary
> source materials, on the following topics:
> • Analyzing Objects of Postvernacular Yiddish
> • Mock Yiddish-English Dictionaries
> • Postvernacular Yiddish on eBay
> • Material Culture of Other Postvernacular Languages (Irish, Occitan)
> “Teaching à la Modiya” is a project of the Working Group on Jews Media and
> Religion, which is convened by Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett and Jeffrey
> Shandler at New York University’s Center for Religion and Media. New York
> University’s Humanities Council and Center for Religion and Media provided
> the initial funding for developing “Teaching à la Modiya.”
> http://crm.as.nyu.edu/page/home

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