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Call for Papers for "The Future of Holocaust Testimonies"

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The Future of Holocaust Testimonies No. 2=20 An International Conference and Workshop
19-22 March 2012, Akko, Israel

Call for Papers=20

Statement of Purpose

The Holocaust Studies Program of Western Galilee College and the = USC Shoah Foundation Institute announce a second international = interdisciplinary conference and workshop on The Future of Holocaust = Testimonies to be held on 19-21 March 2012.


Holocaust survivors and their testimonies have been, for many = years, key factors in Holocaust memorial culture. As survivors pass = away, critical focus will inevitably move to the legacy they leave =
behind: especially in the forms of written, audio and video testimonies. = Scholarly work on survivor testimony emerges from the full spectrum of = university disciplines including history, literary analysis, = linguistics, cultural criticism, psychology, neuroscience, sociology, = etc. The rich and varied and corpus of testimonies requires the = collaborative effort of researchers across disciplines to enable us to = hear the voices of survivors articulated through their testimonies.=20

The first Future of Holocaust Testimonies Conference was held on = January 2010. It brought together scholars from eight countries who = presented new approaches to studying and working with testimonies. The = upcoming Future of Holocaust testimonies no 2 conference will add = another layer to this endeavor.=20

The Conference

In order for the conference to make an impact on Holocaust research and = benefit the public discourse as well, one day will be open to the = public, while two days will be for researchers only.=20

The conference will be conducted in English. The open public day will be = conducted in English and Hebrew with simultaneous translation.
Speakers will be accorded full hospitality.=20

We welcome proposals for papers that address the conference theme, = including, but not limited to, the following topics:
=B7 Methodological issues
=B7 Oral testimonies, memoirs, life stories, diaries=20
=B7 Video testimonies
=B7 Early and late testimonies
=B7 Different approaches to testimony analysis
=B7 Place of testimonies in Holocaust research
=B7 Historical value of testimonies
=B7 Testimonies reflecting culture and identity issues
=B7 Age and gender issues
=B7 Authenticity, verification and false memories=20

Please send a one page proposal and a CV to: =

(Doctoral candidates please add a letter of recommendation from your =
Deadline: September 5 2011

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