Monday, November 26, 2012

Tomorrow at Yivo: David Wachtel on the Rothschild Talmud

TUESDAY 27 NOVEMBER 2012 | 7:00PM From the YIVO Archives: The Rothschild Talmud David Wachtel LECTURE Admission: $10 general | $5 YIVO Members, seniors, students Box Office: | 212.868.4444 In libraries and museums around the world the Rothschild family name is associated with literary works of great beauty and historical importance, including some of the most magnificent medieval and Renaissance manuscripts ever created. The Rothschild love affair with books is well known and well documented. What is less well known is that despite the association of the Rothschild name with great wealth, the Rothschild dynasty has its origins in the 18th century ghetto of Frankfurt am Main and even in those humble beginnings, the Rothschilds were enamored with the Hebrew book. In this talk about the manuscripts of the Rothschild family, our point of departure will be a precious manuscript in the YIVO Collection, a volume of the talmudic tractate Baba Kama written in 1722 by Anshel Moses Rothschild, the father of the founder of the great Jewish banking dynasty. David Wachtel is currently Senior Consultant for Special Collections at the Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary where he was formerly Research Librarian for Special Collections.

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